Changing Targeted Marriott Rewards MegaBonus Offers


Marriott Rewards have had their three times a year MegaBonus promotions for as long as I have been a member (10+ years).

Changing Targeted Marriott Rewards Promotions

Every MegaBonus round, Marriott has number of offers that they have extended to Rewards members based on their past behavior with the program. Marriott doesn’t publicly release the different offers out there, but I’ll always list them here on LoyaltyLobby.

Even when Marriott has assigned a special offer for your account, they will allow you to change it to a preferred version by contacting the Rewards customer service.

I have never had problem getting the promotion changes, but recently I have heard reports that there is bit more resistance than before by the Marriott reps.

Changing the targeted offer:

1. Check the various MegaBonus offers that I have always listed here and choose your preferred version.

2. Contact Marriott Rewards customer service by:

a) Filling out the Contact Us form (access here) on and explaining the offer (include a link) that you would like to sign up for.

b) Call Marriott Rewards customer service and get the agent to do the change for you. Remember to note down the name of the agent and request that they note your account.

c) Send an email to Marriott Concierge ( and include your account number and the promotion that you would like to switch to.

3. Follow up, if needed, that the changed MegaBonus offer correctly posts to your account.

Note that the agent actually cannot change the targeted offer per se, but the agent will adjust the number and type of free nights certs or points that you earn from the promotion once it is over. They manually have to go to your account after the promotional period is over to do the switch.

I always prefer having an audit trail what has agreed to and would rather have an email confirmation about the change, but the actual promo switch is easier to do over the phone.

What if the request of the promo switch is declined?

This tend to happen if you request the switch over the contact us form and the reply is usually as following:

Thank you for contacting Marriott Rewards regarding the 2014 Spring MegaBonus Promotion.

Your account has been enrolled in the 2014 Spring MegaBonus Promotion that begins February 1, 2014, and ends April 30, 2014.  You have been selected to receive an electronic free night certificate, valid at hotel categories one through four, after every two paid stays.  You can receive a maximum of two free night certificates.  You may track your progress through our website at

Many of our promotions have a “stay” requirement.  This is defined in our program information, as well as the terms and conditions of each promotion.  A “hotel stay” or “stay” means all consecutive nights a Marriott Rewards member registers and personally pays and stays at any participating hotel.  For example, multiple consecutive nights stayed in one hotel is considered one paid stay.

Members earning frequent flyer miles for their stays are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

Elite nights that appear as non-stay nights in your account do not qualify for this promotion.  Incidental credit, redemption stays and timeshare owner stays during a designated owner week are not eligible for promotion credit.  Also, stays in ExecuStay andMarriott Executive Apartment properties are not eligible for promotion credit.

Please accept my apologies that we are unable to enroll you in an alternate 2014 Spring MegaBonus Promotion offer.

Thank you for choosing Marriott.

If your request by contact us form or by email is declined, just give Marriott Rewards a call.


Marriott MegaBonus offers have been extremely predictable for years and they have always allowed you to change the targeted offer for something else than better suits you and there has not been a policy change.

You may have to give Marriott Rewards a call or two to get it done, however, as there is sometimes resistance to get it done over email.