UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club “Anniversary Bonus Offer” Programming Error


The other day, I wrote about the “1,000 Bonus Points For 60 days” (access here) offer that IHG Rewards Club has fixed last week.

IHG Rewards Club Anniversary Bonus Offer 90 Days Email

Now, they sent a family member an “Anniversary Bonus Offer” that is 1,000 points PER stay for 90 days, but IHG still haven’t fixed this one.

There are actually two identical offers that you can access below:

IHG Rewards Club Promotion: “Anniversary Bonus Offer” For 1,000 Bonus Points (2014)

IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 1,000 Points “Anniversary Bonus Offer” For 90 Days (2014)

IHG Rewards Club Anniversary Bonus Offer 90 Days

The email that you can see above clearly state that the bonus is 1,000 bonus points PER stay. The “My Offer Status”, however, disagrees. The promo is only programmed to yield the 1,000 bonus offer ONCE.


Seems that someone a the IHG was tinkering with the promos at the turn of the year and has mistakenly changed the number of times this offer can post from unlimited within 90 days to just once. Let’s hope that they get to fix this one soon as they did the 60 days ones.

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