Reader Email: SPG Platinum To Gold Downgrade After 200+ Paid Nights In 2013


A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email exchange that his friend had with SPG Platinum Concierge regarding her stay at SPG hotels in 2013.

SPG Platinum To Gold Downgrade

Her Platinum status was downgraded to Gold after more than 200 paid nights at SPG properties in 2013.

Here’s the exchange:

SPG Member:

Comments: I got an email today regarding this year’s membership level and a possible lack of nights in order to stay in platinum level. I stayed last year from Jan 1 to August 1 in Sheraton Zhenjiang hotel in China, so I am not really happy to hear that my over 200 hotel nights in a calendar year are not counted. I will have about 180-200 hotel nights in a city/cities in china with SPG hotel available also this year, but the hotel hasnt been chosen yet. Please review my case again and make sure that I will be treated equally with other guests in similar cases.

SPG’s reply:

I have located our account and noted your stay was over 90 consecutive nights. I apologize we are unable to credit your account with any Starpoints or stay credits. You may find helpful section 2.8 of the Starwood Preferred Guest Terms & Conditions. We do appreciate your loyalty to Starwood Preferred Guest, and look forward to welcoming you for your future stays. Ms. SPG member, I hope you have a wonderful day.

SPG Member:

I am really sorry to hear that I have been downgraded to gold member in SPG hotel chain. Due to this I will consider staying in other hotel chains who will see also continuous future business opportunities in my membership (200 nights a year).

SPG’s reply:

Ms. SPG member, I understand your disappointment from your account being downgraded from the Platinum to the Gold Preferred level. I would like to personally thank you for your continued dedication to the Starwood Preferred Guest program.

I have reviewed your Starwood Preferred Guest account and do regret that as you did not have the required stays in 2013 to maintain the Platinum level. Therefore, your account was returned to the Gold Preferred level in February 2014. As the Platinum level is an earned level only I am sorry that your account cannot be returned to the Platinum Preferred level at this time.

Ms. SPG member, once you have completed the required 25 stays or 50 nights in 2014 your account will be returned to the Platinum Preferred level. I do hope that you will continue to stay with us for your travel needs.

Here’s the relevant part of the SPG Terms and Conditions:

SPG Terms And Conditions 2.8

2.8.a. An SPG Member will not receive Starpoints on any Eligible Charges for any portion of a single Eligible Stay in excess of 90 days.

You can argue that any stay in excess of 90 days is ineligible for Starpoints, but it doesn’t state anywhere that it would not be eligible for stay/night credits.


The best course of action would have been originally to break the stay for batches of 30 days. Just check out for a day and return the day after.

I would say that I am surprised that the SPG has decided to take a line with this customer who stayed at more than 200 nights with the chain in 2013 that they wouldn’t extend her Platinum status. The person was not even asking for points.

Maybe the best course of action would have been to ask the property GM to contact the SPG and fix the issue for her.