Club Carlson Membership Terms & Conditions Update (Transferability Of Points Upon Death)

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Club Carlton (or actually Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group) has upgraded the member terms and conditions governing the loyalty program.

Club Carlson Terms & Conditions Update

The terms and conditions have been mostly rewritten/reformatted and I could only find one major change from previous iteration:

Club Carlson Terms & Conditions Update Text

Club Carlson now, for the first time, has on the terms and conditions that the points can be transferred upon the death of the member,but the hoops that one needs to go through are somewhat burdensome.

It would be easier just to phone in as the deceased person and move the points from one account to another one as long as the address has been the same for 30 days. Other option would be to just book awards from the account until the points have been depleted.


Many of the programs have clarified the transferability (or not in case of Delta more here) of points in case of account member passing away. My advise would be just use the points while still alive and kicking.

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