Report Your Big Win Spring 2014 Promo Tracking Problems


A LoyaltyLobby reader suggested that I should write a piece about the tracking issues with the current IHG Rewards Club’s Big Win Spring 2014 promotion.

IHG Rewards Club Big Win Tracking Problems

I would encourage you to leave comments below about the issues that you have had with the stays tracking correctly with the different hurdles that you were targeted for.

You can read my original Big Win promo piece here where many different individual offers have been reported.

Here’s my advise:

1. Take a screenshot of your Big Win requirements. A reader contacted me recently about his fall 2013 promotion that hadn’t posted correctly and the website is already gone.

Difficult to argue with IHG Rewards Club customer service if you don’t have screenshot to prove what you are entitled to.

2. The hurdlers are not posting in real time. The Bin Win website seems to update every week or so and you should receive the points for the completed hurdles few days after that.

3. The problem that I had with the fall promo was that many of the reservations that were booked directly on IHG’s website didn’t post as such and it was one of the requirements to complete the Big Win. There was no rhyme why this happened.


So, my question is, what problems have you had or are having with the current Big Win promotion? Are all the goals posting and tracking correctly or are there issues with some?

Please leave your comments below so that we can figure out if there are issues.

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