ABC News “Baggage Handler Confessions” (Your Worst Nightmares Come True)


ABC News had an interesting five minute video clip on what goes on behind the baggage carousel.

ABC News Baggage Handler Confessions

If you ever check in a bag or two, you probably shouldn’t watch this video or you may have some thoughts while waiting at the baggage carousel….

You can access this ABC News video here.

ABC News has some undercover video of baggage handlers going through some bags and stealing stuff from them. Also, they interview a former ramp worker that has written a book about this topic. There seems to be a LOT going on that shouldn’t be going on at all.


The problem in the US and many other countries is that these ramp workers often work for ground handling agents and are paid very low salary.

It is very difficult to prove when something was stolen from your checked in bag or where it went missing.

This is a good reminder that you should never ever put any valuables in your checked in baggage or if your bag gets gate checked remember to remove all the valuables.

I rarely check in a bag unless I really have to. My black 22 fits the overhead compartments with wheels on just fine, but is certainly heavier that the usual carry on allowance.

My personal policy is to never check in anything that I couldn’t afford to lose.