Southwest Buy Rapid Rewards Points Targeted Promo: 40% Bonus (March 27 – April 9, 2014)


Southwest Airlines has been sending out emails to select members for buying Rapid Rewards points at 40% bonus between March 27 and April 9, 2014.

Southwest Airlines Buy Rapid Rewards Points 40 Percent Bonus Offer

You can access this offer on Southwest’s buy Rapid Rewards points website (handled by here.

The price of a Rapid Rewards points purchased under this offer is 1.96 cents each.

Does it make ANY sense to buy Rapid Rewards points?

The value of a Rapid Rewards point used for Wanna Getaway fares is 1.4 cents, 1 cent for Anytime fares and 0.83 cents for Business Select fares.

It makes no sense whatsoever to purchase Rapid Rewards points at 1.96 cents each, when the maximum value that you can get out of them is capped at 1.4 cents each.

Note that paid fares would EARN more Rapid Rewards points. Certain taxes are not applicable for award tickets issued using Rapid Rewards points and ticket are cancelable.


Southwest Airlines must hope that many Rapid Rewards members are match challenged and cannot calculate the value of their points correctly.

You are far better off by just paying for the airfare and collect the Rapid Rewards points that way. Buying any points under this offer is just handing money over to Southwest for nothing.

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