Lufthansa Pilots On Strike April 2-4, 2014 Most Flights Canceled (3,800 Out Of 4,300)

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Germany had public union half day strike on Thursday last week that stopped operations at most major airports.

Lufthansa Pilot Strike April 2014

Now, Lufthansa pilot union is striking over retirement deal that will cancel around 3,800 flights out of scheduled 4,300 from Wednesday to Friday. The strike will stop most of the cargo as well as Germanwings flights.

You can read more about this on Reuters piece here and access up to date information about Lufthansa cancellations here.

If your Lufthansa flight is canceled due to the action by the pilot’s union, Lufthansa is required to provide care such as hotel accommodation at the destination and to rebook passengers on alternate carriers. This also applies for reward tickets.


The strike doesn’t affect other Lufthansa group airlines (Swiss, Brussels Airlines, Austrian etc). When your flight is canceled, call Lufthansa and check what rerouting options are available and suggest your preferred ones to the agent.

If there are no suitable options on Star Alliance airlines, Lufthansa can rebook you on Oneworld, Skyteam or any other IATA affiliated airline.

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