United Airlines Retroactively Changes Award Re-deposit Deadline


United Airlines has had very liberal award ticket redeposit policy that has only required the MileagePlus member to pay a fee depending on his/her status at the time of the original ticket issuance.

United MileagePlus Award Redeposit Changes

Now, United has changed the award ticket deposit deadlines likely hoping that nobody would notice the change.

You can access United’s web page for award ticket fees here.

Here’s the pre-April 3, 2014 “Award ticketing options/service fees“

United Award Fees Pre-April 2014

Here’s the post April 3, 2014 “Award ticketing options/service fees“

United Award Fees April 2014

Can you actually notice the difference?

United Award Fees April 2014 Changes

Previously, there was no requirement to request the redeposit of the miles within one year from the original date of ticket issuance.

Now, United would only entertain these request if they are done within 12 months of the date of the award ticket ISSUANCE and not from the date of flight.


It is very sneaky for United to try changing the award ticket redeposit rules retroactively. If your ticket was issued on or before April 3, 2014, there should not be any requirement to have it redeposited within 12 months of the ticket issuance date regardless what United might say.

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