Hilton HHonors Fast Track To Diamond 2014 (After Status Downgrade)


April 1st came and those of us that didn’t requalify for the same Hilton HHonors status we had in 2013 had our status downgraded for the 2014 membership year.

Hilton HHonors Diamond Fast Track

A LoyaltyLobby reader had contacted the Hilton HHonors and inquired about getting Diamond status as a one time courtesy for 2014 as he was only 3 or 4 stays short of the new higher qualification criteria.

Here’s the reply from Hilton HHonors:

First, we sincerely thank you for your many years of loyalty. As we have previously provided a manual upgrade back to Diamond before in 2012, we are unable to meet your request for a special exception to count your already completed stays toward such a fast track. 

However, we are happy to extend the special one-time offer to fast track to Diamond tier level. If from today’s date until 30 June 2014, you record 10 eligible stays or 16 eligible nights at any participating HHonors hotel, your account will be automatically upgraded to the Diamond tier status.

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. For immediate assistance, please click on the link below for the contact number of the Hilton Worldwide Service Center location nearest you.

So, if you had your status downgraded on April 1, 2014, you can contact Hilton HHonors and request a fast track offer that is 10 stays or 16 nights within a three month period.

It is disappointing however that the member’s stays as of contacting Hilton (10 stays in 2014) would not be counted if they do decide to opt-in on Hilton’s fast track offer.

The regular Hilton HHonors Diamond status match (read more here) is based on nights and requires 21 of them during the same three month period. Hilton has several fast track offers for Gold status that require as few as 4 stays within a 90-day period. You can read more about one of the offers here.

You can access Hilton’s web page for Diamond status benefits here.


I had my Hilton HHonors Diamond status downgraded all the way to Silver and haven’t decided what I will do.

Hilton could perhaps extend a better offer to my account compared to the reader’s one, as I haven’t been matched for years, but have received a Diamond status extension once or twice during the last decade.

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      • Reward stays are not supposed to count towards status; however what we have found is that if there are charges on the bill (e.g. food and drink) the stay will show up but no points.

        • i have done the fast track to gold offer in 2013 and award stays did count. And on award stays any charges on the bill have always been eligible for points. I did receive them. Otherwise you can mail the invoice to the hilton desk.

  1. If only I could have got the same with Marriott… I had only 49 nights with them last year and lost my Gold status. I had to pay 25000 points to have it extended.

      • Tnx, John 😉 In the meantime I sent an email to “hhonors@hilton.com” and got the following response:

        “In reviewing your account, our records show that on June 1, 2011, your account was upgraded back to Diamond tier status after a fast track.

        As you may know, achieving Diamond membership level does require the completion of 30 stays / 60 nights or 120,000 base points within a 12 month calendar period. With respect to our members who have completed these requirements, we regret that we will not be able to extend this offer to your account again.”

        Does it make sense to send another request but this time to diamond@hilton.com?

      • Tnx, John. I sent an email beforehand to the hhonors email and was blown off by them. I retried but this time with the diamond email and was sent the following email:

        “We are happy to extend a special one-time offer to fast track to Diamond tier level. If within the next 90 days, from today’s date, you record 21 eligible nights at any participating HHonors hotel, your account will be automatically upgraded to the Diamond tier status through March 31, 2016.”

  2. John, I just sent Hilton an email requesting a fast-track to Diamond Status, which they granted based on me being Platinum with IHG. Now I have to do the 21 nights in the next 90-days. My question for you is whether Reward Nights would count towards those 21 nights? Thanks!

  3. Hi John, How long does it usually take for your Hilton Hhonors account to reflect the MVP Fast track challenge? I registered today and it showed the confirmation that I was registered for the promotion but 4 hours later my account still says Blue and my nights towards rewards are still the same as well.


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