Whine Wednesdays: The Nonworking AC’s At Western Hotels In China


This is one of the issues that I have not been able to understand. Apparently some hotels can only have either heat or cool on or just haven’t turned the cool on because they think that an inside temperature of 25 Celsius or higher is comfortable.

Whine Wednesdays Hotel Room Temperature

This is the issue that I have been battling with in the past couple of days at the Sofitel Ningbo Wanda Plaza and the InterContinental Ningbo.

Sofitel Ningbo cannot have both heat and cool air on at the same time. Their only option was to have the window opened and listening to the traffic noise + breathing all the air pollution.

InterContinental Ningbo was able to get some cool air through the AC system after speaking with a MOD (Manager of Duty) for a while.


There is no way that I could comfortably stay or sleep inside a room/suite with a temperature of 25 Celsius or higher.

How on earth can they build these new hotels but don’t take these heat/cooling issues properly into an account? It cannot be that expensive to have systems in place that can deliver both.

During my chat with the MOD, I learned that the InterContinental brand standard is to have the room temperature set to 22 Celsius. That would have been fine with me.

This was my Whine Wednesday piece that I was supposed to post yesterday, but couldn’t due to absolutely horrible internet connection at newly opened InterContinental hotel here in Ningbo (that could turn into a Compensation Clinic piece at a later time)

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