Airbnb In The News: New York Apartments Turned Into Brothels


A couple of weeks ago, there was a piece about someone’s apartment in New York being trashed by a Airbnb sex party (read more here).

This time New York Post reveals that pimps are using Airbnb apartments as short term brothels.

Airbnb Brothels

Apparently, they just “rent” the apartment for a week and just use it for their “business”. There are less eyes prying what is going on compared to hotels, gives law enforcement a moving target and apparently this saves the pimps money as well (though no loyalty points).

You can access the NY Post article here.

It is interesting that they are using prepaid cards to pay Airbnb:

The agency flies under the radar by having its workers secure the apartments through their own Airbnb profiles, then has them pay the rent with prepaid debit cards. The apartments usually cost between $200 and $400 a day.

“[They] probably save $200 to $300 a night by not getting a hotel,” the sex worker said. “It’s really good for business.”

One apartment that got turned into an hourly love nest belongs to publicist Jessica Penzari, 29, who rented it out through Airbnb March 21 through 23.

“She told me that she was in the Army and needed a place to hang out before she got shipped out,” Penzari said of her Airbnb “guest.”

“She said she was being deployed that week. She was asking for places to go out with her friends.”

But when a hooker got slashed by a client in the West 43rd Street apartment over the price of his “massage,” Penzari got a call from cops.

When she returned, Penzari was shocked to find telltale remnants including baby wipes and “at least 10 condoms.”


This is truly part of the “sharing” economy that Airbnb is in. Of course, most of the transactions on Airbnb are trouble-free for both parties, but would you REALLY rent your apartment to someone without having any clue what might be going on?

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