Air Canada Employees Tossing Gate Checked Bags (Video Went Viral)


Yet another very bad example what might be happening with your bags. This time Air Canada employees caught tossing gate checked bags to the ground.

Air Canada Baggage Toss Video

An Air Canada frequent flier took a video while waiting for the flight to be ready and later uploaded it on YouTube.

You can access the new piece on CBC’s website here.

On the video one employee tosses bags from quite a height and throws them into a bin from where another employee retrieves them. Air Canada has informed that the employees will be terminated upon investigation of this.

Last month, I wrote about the ABC News’ ABC News “Baggage Handler Confessions” (Your Worst Nightmares Come True) piece that had behind the scenes footage what was happening with the luggage at the airport (just awful!).

Then there was also this huge heist at the LAX LA Times On LAX Baggage-Heist where Menzies employees had been pilfering from checked bags.


I almost feel bad for these Air Canada baggage handlers. Their task to carry the gate checked bags down to the ramp and then loading them to the aircraft was likely impossible in the time frame that they had been given. But even then tossing them to the ground is not acceptable either.

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