Air India Joins The Star Alliance In July 2014? (This Time For Real?)


Air India was supposed to join the Star Alliance back in 2012, but the airline’s joining of the alliance was blocked at the very last minute.

Star Alliance Air India July 2014

Now, according to the Indian newspapers, the Star Alliance CEO’s will again vote on June 22 or 23, 2014, in London and supposedly this time the joining of the alliance July this year would be certain.

You can read more about this on The Economic Times article here and on Delhi Daily News here.

Here are some tidbits from the Delhi Daily News article:

AI will become the first Indian carrier to be part of a global chain of carriers. AI CMD Rohit Nandan said that the decision will help several Indian fliers as they will be able to earn-and-burn miles, get access to lounges across the globe and enjoy connectivity across the globe.

“Almost all the requirements for joining Star are complete. Some work, mostly related to IT, will be completed by mid-May. Then we are set,” said Nandan.

Star Alliance CEO Mark F Schwab said that the CEOs of Star’s member airlines are scheduled to meet on June 22 or 23 in London to have an endorsement vote on AI’s entry into the fold.

“Once all airline endorse the move, AI should be in Star by July. We conducted a safety review of AI and are very pleased with the results. We are very happy with the progress made by AI,” the CEO said.


It is interesting to see if the Air Indian’s joining for the Star Alliance is voted up this time. Oneworld now has Qatar Airways and SriLankan Airlines that can easily provide access to India and Star Alliance has none.

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