IHG Rewards Club System Meltdown: Stays Posting (Again) As Non-Qualifying?


Seems that IHG Rewards Club is again having some system issues for posting stays correctly to member accounts.

IHG Rewards Club Non-qualifying Posting

I have seen some reports on the net, have had couple of stays posted as non-qualifying and have had readers contacting me as well.

IHG Rewards Club Non-qualifying Posting Why

I have had two recent stays in Hong Kong posted as a non-qualifying. The first one was fixed after filing the points discrepancy form on the website, but the other one just received the following reply.

IHG Rewards Club Non-qualifying Posting Reply

Without a doubt, Maria just copy/pasted the form reply that they tend to send out for the first inquiry.

Hi John…do you heard of problems with Big win for stays from last weekend?

I had 3 stays (my last once for big win) and all are posted as nonqualifiying. I already send a points missing request to IHG and got only a stupid replay that my rate is so discounted that I don’t earn points.

That’s definitely not true as I booked 21 days advance discount rate, best flexible with breakfast and best flexible.

This turn I had no problems with big win till now…last turn it took weeks till everything was corrected.

The reader had booked 21 days advance purchase rate, best flexible and best flexible with the breakfast and had received the same reply that the rates are too discounted for points. Do the IHG “care” employees in the Philippines check out their brains when they start working?

Here’s the relevant part from the program terms and conditions (access here):

Eligible Charges Worldwide include the following Qualifying Room Rates paid for hotel room nights: including the hotel’s Advanced Purchase Rate, Best Flexible Rate, worldwide sales negotiated rate, national/regional/local government rate and specified leisure rates as confirmed by IHG’s HOLIDEX® Plus reservation systems. Points will be awarded for Qualifying Room Rates booked through IHG central reservation offices, IHG web sites, travel agents or directly at the hotel. In addition, in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean, points may be collected on locally negotiated rates if these rates are discounted less than 30%. At Asia Pacific hotels, Qualifying Room Rates also include all locally negotiated rates.

So, the only paid rates that could be non-qualifying are locally negotiated rates outside of Asia Pacific.  Locally negotiated rates with discounts less than 30% in the Americas are eligible as well. Neither of these apply to my or the reader’s cases.


I have no doubt that IHG Rewards Club will fix my stay and the reader’s too, but shouldn’t these be posting correctly in the first place? Why the IHG “Care” employees don’t even look at the rates used, but rather just copy paste the dumb form reply that the rate is too discounted?

And as is always the case, I am not really blaming the employees who are sending out these replies. Obviously they are not properly trained and/or supervised. Performance is likely measured by the number of replies they sent out in a hour without any consideration for the quality or correctness.

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