IHG Rewards Club Stay-Bonuses May 15 – September 2, 2014 (Welcome To Reel Summer)


IHG Rewards Club is again offering Stay-bonuses for the Summer of 2014 that are valid for stays between May 15 and September 2.

EDIT: Seems that some are not able to successfully register for any of these offers. Please leave a message below to which offer you tried to register and whether it was successful or not.

If you received one of these offers from IHG, leave a note below with the night requirement and the offer code.

I am trying to figure out over the weekend what is going on with these and have an update by Monday.

IHG Rewards Club Summer 2014 Stay Bonuses

As has always been the case with these bonuses, there are several offers from 2,000 to 15,000 points with variable number of nights required.

You should sign up for the version that you are absolutely sure that you can achieve. I have in BOLD and linked the best offers for 5,000 / 10,000 / 15,000 bonus points. You cannot change your selection once you have signed up for one offer. Remember to choose carefully.

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Number of nights and bonus with offer codes

Stay 3 Nights Earn 5,000 Points 7093, 7057

Stay 7 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 4989

Stay 8 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 5155, 7052

Stay 10 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 7055, 4985

Stay 12 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 5156, 4987

Stay 15 Nights Earn 15,000 Points 2113

Stay 18 Nights Earn 15,000 Points 6340, 5163, 1029, 5153

The not so good ones:

Stay 4 Nights Earn 2,000 Points 4988

Stay 7 Nights Earn 2,000 Points 7048

Stay 8 Nights Earn 2,000 Points 6339

Remember that you can find all IHG Rewards Club rate and other promotions here.

IHG Rewards Club started sending out the emails 12 hours ago (around noon EST), but many received an error message that their account was not eligible for the offer, although they had received the email directly from IHG.

Due to a technical issue, you may have had difficulty registering. We have confirmed that the issue has been corrected. Please register now. For your inconvenience, we will be awarding you with 500 bonus points which will be automatically deposited into your account.

Few hours later, IHG sent out an apology email saying that they had fixed the registration error and gave 500 additional points to those affected.

IHG Rewards Club Summer 2014 Stay Bonuses Welcome to Reel Summer

Thanks for many LoyaltyLobby readers for forwarding their offer emails from IHG to me. In some of the emails this offer was referred to as “Welcome to Reel Summer” with a picture of a Coke bottle and a Reel. The text indicates that there are more exciting opportunities coming soon (whatever those might be).


This is just the “targeted” Stay-promo that in reality is open for all.I am glad to see that these have returned. In the very old days, you were able to sign up for every variation of these offers and really rack up in points, but those days are long gone (unfortunately).

IHG Rewards Club should soon follow with their main promotion for the Summer. Seems that the Big Win that IHG has now run for two periods is taking a break.