IHG Best Price Guarantee Current (Sitting On The) Claim Time 37+ Hours!


IHG has very compelling Best Price Guarantee program that gives you a free night if you can find a lower rate on a 3rd party site that fulfills all the requirements.

IHG Best Price Guarantee Wait Time Update

One of the requirements is that the rate must be still available when IHG Best Price Guarantee department visits the 3rd party site and takes their screenshots etc.

You can access IHG’s Best Price Guarantee page here.

The claim verification time has varied a lot since the program was launched and was as recently as couple of months ago only 4 hours.

Earlier this week, I was looking for a hotel close to the Amsterdam airport and saw that IHG wanted 174 euros for the Crowne Plaza with breakfast compared to just 91 euros on a competing site.

So, I filed the claim and waited and waited and waited……

To be frank, I was really surprised that the 91 euro rate on the third party site hadn’t disappeared 37 hours after I filed the claim and when someone in the IHG Best Price Guarantee department had time to verify it.


The Best Price Guarantee program with the IHG is great if you know your way around it. They (IHG) should, however, staff the department adequate and process the claims timely.

When you file the claim, the last screen states that someone will get back to you within 24 hours regarding the claim that they are not currently not honoring.