Compensation Clinic: Renaissance Amsterdam


Marriott has number of guarantees for its Silver, Gold and Platinum members. One is Guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift that is 500 points or usually $10 F&B voucher (read more here).

Compensation Clinic Renaissance Amsterdam

Friend of mine was staying at the Renaissance Amsterdam hotel on Sunday last week and he mentioned to me that the front desk had not asked about his Platinum arrival gift preference. I told him that lucky you as he can now claim the $100 guarantee.

He was somewhat hesitant as he had never claimed the guarantee previously and thought that it could be an uphill battle. I got him convinced that he should ask for it at the time of checking out.

You can access Renaissance Amsterdam’s website here.

As a matter of fact, he ended up being surprised how easy it had been. The only drawback was that the hotel had used a terrible cash exchange rate from USD to EUR. I told him that he should have asked the clerk/manager to have a look at the current rate on MARSHA (Marriott’s reservation system) and use that for the conversion.


Why wouldn’t you collect a cash guarantee that Marriott advertises on their website? I have lived two years of my life at Marriott hotels and have been able to exercise this guarantee so far total of two times.

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