Kimpton InTouch Reduces Maximum Stay Length Eligible For Credit


Kimpton has now tinkered the terms and conditions of its InTouch program for the second time in a less than a month.

Kimpton InTouch T&Cs

The number of nights that is eligible for reward credit on any one stay has been reduced to just 21 nights.

You can access Kimpton InTouch T&C’s here.

  • A “stay” is defined as one or more consecutive nights at the same hotel. Members can receive Kimpton InTouch Reward credit for a maximum of 21 nights on any one stay. Members cannot check out of the hotel and check back in for consecutive nights to earn additional stay credits.


The program specific maximum stay length often come as a surprise to those that are on a longer assignment and may stay at the same hotel for months at a time.

This 21 night maximum stay credit per one stay is rather short. Other programs, however, may not give you a stay credit at all if your stay length exceeds their maximum.

You would think that these guests that stay for a very long time must be one of the most profitable ones for the hotels. Why penalize them and make them to check out after few weeks to ensure that they get their points and/or stay night credits?

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