UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club Stay-Bonuses May 15 – September 2, 2014 (Welcome To Reel Summer)


Last week, IHG Rewards Club sent out the personalized Stay-bonus offers for stays between May 15 – September 2, 2014, and I wrote a post about the various offers (access here).

IHG Rewards Club Summer 2014 Stay Bonuses

IHG Rewards Club didn’t use to have any kind of targeting on these. You could just sign up for one of the Stay-offers that would benefit you most. This time, however, many left comments that they were not able to sign up for some but then they could for another one.

IHG Rewards Club Invalid For Your Membership

IHG Rewards Club also had a system issue at a time that didn’t allow registration for the offer they had just emailed about. Few hours later, IHG sent out an apology email that the system glitch had been fixed and gave another 500 points for those accounts that were affected,

I believe that the targeting is still not by the account itself but rather geographical. Some offer codes work for rewards account based in the North America and some may only work for those in Asia.

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Number of nights and bonus with offer codes (If there is an offer code that I have not included, please leave a comment or drop me an email)

Stay 3 Nights Earn 5,000 Points 7093, 7057

Stay 4 Nights Earn 5,000 Points 5152

Stay 7 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 4989, 5989

Stay 8 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 5155, 7052

Stay 10 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 7055, 4985

Stay 12 Nights Earn 10,000 Points 5156, 4987

Stay 15 Nights Earn 15,000 Points 2113

Stay 18 Nights Earn 15,000 Points 6340, 5163, 1029, 5153

The not so good ones:

Stay 4 Nights Earn 2,000 Points 4988

Stay 7 Nights Earn 2,000 Points 7048

Stay 8 Nights Earn 2,000 Points 6339

I have now linked all these offers and you should only register for one that you can surely meet. Remember that you cannot change the selection afterwards.


This is not the main IHG Rewards Club promo for the summer, but rather just the targeted Stay-bonus offer that they have had for years that was retired for the duration of the Big Wins.

It still perplexes me that some members have not been able to register for any of the above bonus offers. IHG Rewards Club has previously never disallowed a member to register for one of the offers, but then they have previously not had geographical targeting on these offers either.

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