IHG Best Price Guarantee Claim Payment Woes? (Report Them Here)


A LoyaltyLobby reader just reached out to me with an issue that he is having with a Best Price Guarantee claim.

IHG Best Price Guarantee

The reader had filed a claim for a free night at one of the InterContinental hotels in North America and the hotel never adjusted the stay for free and he had paid it at the time of checking out.

You can access IHG’s web page for their Best Price Guarantee program here.

One of the weird things with the IHG Best Price Guarantee is that the department processing these claims or IHG cannot adjust the price of the stay but they rather just contact the hotel that is supposed to do this.

Sometimes properties don’t like the approved claims (even hotels that are managed by IHG) and refuse any adjustments. If you receive an email that they are having a “technical difficulty” adjusting the price, you can be sure that the property is at fault. IHG in these instances is supposed to send a check or wire 4 to 6 weeks after the stay that covers the cost.

So, the hotel never adjusted the reader’s stay that was in November (2013) and he should have received the check/wire before the end of the year. Now we are in May 2014 and the payment is still completely missing. The reader has been a Royal Ambassador member for close to a decade and usually pays for his stays.

The problem here also is that IHG changed the BPG terms and conditions in between. The payment address used to be the one that is on file with IHG Rewards Club but is now the one that is on the reservation.

If they delay sending reimbursements by 6 to 12 months for some members, the likelihood that the guest has moved or changed their business address is greater and that leads to less cashed checks.


I have probably done around 10 to 15 claims with the IHG since the launch of this program and had only had one stay where the property didn’t adjust the stay. The payment did come by wire in about 4 to 6 weeks after the stay.

It is alarming, however, if the IHG is not promptly sending out guest reimbursements to all when their own hotels are unwilling to play by their franchise agreements.

If your stay is on the expensive side, I would not recommend trusting that you will promptly get a settlement from IHG. Without a doubt you will eventually get it but it can take months and some headaches along the way.

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  1. Had a similar problem with a stay at a Choice hotel; got a verified Best Rate free night from corporate, and the hotel charged me anyhow. Got a hold of the corporate office the following day and they credited my MasterCard AND I got a reimbursement check for the total room charges 4-5 weeks later. When I questioned the double payment, the rep explained this is their way of forcing franchisees into compliance….

  2. well, based on my experience this year (I am not based in North America this year … I succeeded IHG claims about 10 times so far (including 3 times only for this month) since Jan. For me, the price/free night was never adjusted on the system/reservation, always got the emails of “technical difficulty” so I had to pay at the time of check-out and got the checks later (actually I prefer this way, I use my Chase IHG card so get extra points for my IHG spending, get cashback as well via US cashback website etc.) My address on IHG account file/reservation is always a US address, I’ve never had any problems to receive the check so far. Actually check arrives pretty quickly, let me say, about two weeks later after hotel check-out. As for Choice Hotel, I had a different experience (just once). When my BRG claims was approved, their department immediately made my reservation into ZERO amount, and asked me to print out their email to present to the hotel. hm… Back to the IHG BRG, recently I have only one different experience (Middle East). As usual I got “technical difficulty” email from IHG and they said a check will be sent, but this time when I checked out the hotel, the hotel reservation manager told me that he got an email from IHG so it’s complimentary (I didn’t pay). I have to see if the check is coming or not… :p


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