Hyatt Gold Passport 25/50/100 Visited Properties Milestones (Free Night Certificates)

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Last year, Hyatt started to award free night certificate(s) to those Gold Passport members that had visited 50 or 100 properties and emailed a thank you note for those that made it to 25. I wrote when the program first came around (access here) and when the head of Gold Passport replied (access here).

Hyatt Gold Passport Milestone Email 2014

The program is still alive and well. A LoyaltyLobby reader just forwarded me an email that he had received from the Milestones Curator.

Hyatt Gold Passport Milestone Email 2014 Text

The body of the email thanks for visiting 50 different properties and awards one free night certificate that is valid for a year and doesn’t have any category limitations.

The email also contains a list of all the properties that the reader had visited.

The email now linked to the terms and conditions (access here) that shed some light to what is required to receive the award:

Unique hotels visited measures eligible stays (including Award Stays with at least $1USD in spend) from January 1995 to present. Member must have one (1) eligible stay within the past five (5) years – and achieve 50 different hotels during a specific timeframe – to receive a Milestone award.

So, only the stays from 1995 onwards that have revenue component of $1 count towards this Milestones achievement.


Last year at the time I wrote about this program, I counted the different Hyatt properties that I had visited and the count was somewhere around 125.

My hunch is that, if you have visited more than the 50 or 100 properties that they award free night certificate, you are out of luck.

I am glad that Hyatt Gold Passport keep applying the “secret sauce” and continue to award these uncapped free night certificates.

If you are unsure about your Milestones status, you can contact Hyatt at (this address was given by Hyatt last year).

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