Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Bathroom Amenities


This week I am whining about the size of the hotel bathroom amenities that are often not even enough to wash ones hair and these should be enough for two people?

Whine Wednesdays Hotel Bathroom Toiletries

Who buys these stuff for hotels that are the size of a miniature sample of 30 millilitres? This is the product line that at least few Radisson Blu hotels in Europe seems to carry. Some Sysco distributed mass-produced crap.

Yes. I Know. You can call downstairs and ask someone from the housekeeping to bring some extra but shouldn’t this be unnecessary?


I tend to ask for few extra sets from hotels that have some quality amenities such as L’Occitane, Hermes, Penhaligon;s, Aqua di Parma, Bvlgari etc. and then use these at other hotels that have very bad quality bathroom amenities or simply too small. I am not, however, fond of hotels that have these pump bottles installed in their bathrooms.