Alitalia Buy & Gift Millemiglia Miles Promo: 20% Discount & 30% Bonus (Until May 31, 2014)


Alitalia has Buy & Gift Millemiglia promotion for 20% discount & 30% bonus for purchases made until May 31, 2014.

Alitalia Millemiglie Buy Gift Miles Promotion

The maximum number of miles that you can purchase during a calendar year is 40,000 miles. The price of an Alitalia mile purchased under this offer is 1.54 euro cents (2.1 US cents).

You can access Alitalia’s website for this offer here.

Note that you can only use 75% of the miles required for award from he stash that you have purchased. 25% must come from actual flight activity or from other partners.


Alitalia has gone from crisis to crisis in the past few years and I would stay away from buying their mils unless you have good use for them right now.