Whine Wednesdays: (Expected) Tipping Gone Crazy?


My blood always starts boiling when I read about yet another tipping guide. This time Hotel Tonight even emailed about a post on their website (access here) about how people should tip.

Whine Wednesdays Hotel Tipping

These tipping guides always suggest that you should tip anyone with a pulse that you are in interaction with and some that you may not even see (maids).

Let’s have a look who you should tip according to these “guides”:

– Whoever opens up your car door

– Bellman that places your bag(s) and places them on a trolley

– Front desk to get better upgrades and other extras

– Bellman that brings your bag(s)

– Maids that clear your room

– Club lounge attendants

– Breakfast attendant in the restaurant

– Bartender at the hotel bar

– Concierge if they provide any help

– Bellboy that collects your bag(s)

– Bellboy that places them to trunk

– Valet that brings your car


Let me start saying that I grew up in a country where tipping was and still is non-existent. Employees are paid a living wage and nobody expects any tips even at the restaurants or in taxis.

Shouldn’t these establishments, which are mainly in the North America, pay their employees a living wage so that tipping wouldn’t be needed?

I do get it that if you use a concierge and they go extra mile doing something for you that you give them a tip for the service. I really don’t see a point tipping a club lounge attendant, a server in a breakfast buffet where you are serving yourself or a front desk agent.

If you follow these tip guides, you should spend anywhere from $20 to $50 per day in tips depending if you have a car or not. I really don’t think that this makes any sense.

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