Wyndham Rewards Stealth Devaluation: Last Day To Redeem At Current Point Requirements


Wyndham Rewards sent out an innocent sounding “Summer is around the corner. Are you ready?” email yesterday that had important message “hidden”.

Wyndham Rewards 2014 Devaluation

Wyndham Rewards will have new point requirements for some hotels in place on tomorrow May 22, 2014, per the email text below.

Note that the award categories itself won’t change (I hope), but Wyndham Reward will shuffle properties UP and likely some down as well.

Wyndham Rewards 2014 Devaluation Email Body

Wouldn’t it be nice if Wyndham Rewards would provide a list of properties moving up and down, so that you could book under the current point requirements? Wyndham has not released a list.

Do you think that it was a coincidence that Wyndham Rewards sent out this email on the same day that their points were available for purchase via U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways?

Thanks for a LoyaltyLobby reader for alerting me about this “hidden” message on the email.


I just hate hate hate when loyalty programs are doing stealth devaluations without giving proper advance notice to their program members and, in case of hotels, not providing a list of properties moving up and down in award categories.

I did warn those that were considering buying Wyndham Rewards points through the Daily Getaways that they should be careful. Last year, Wyndham Rewards suddenly and unannounced changed the number of points required for airline mile conversions right after the Daily Getaways sale was over. Behavior such as this certainly doesn’t build any confidence on the company and people running the loyalty program.