IHG Points Break Advice For Tuesday


On Friday, IHG made the PointBreaks preview available (read more here) and I thought that they would make the full list available over the weekend as they now have for about a year.

IHG Rewards Club Advice May 27

It seems however, that IHG could be back to their old way of operating, in that the PointBreaks may first come available on the regular award night search for couple of hours. The full list is then released a few hours later on the IHG website.

You can access IHG’s web page for PointBreaks here.

IHG already made changes to the PointBreaks “rules” that no longer allows people to book more than two reservations per the same hotel (note that one reservation can be as many awards nights as there are available or you want to book) during one PointBreaks period (read more here).

On Tuesday, we will try to get the post up with all PointBreaks properties as soon as they become available for booking. Also, the daily blog email broadcast will go out immediately after that.

I expect that the PointBreaks availability will be loaded sometime around 10AM to 11AM EST. This has been the window in the past, but with these recent changes, there is no guarantee.


I guess that there are both pros and cons for making or not making the entire PointBreaks property list available before they are actually available for booking.

Personally, I would prefer having the list day or two before so that I could better plan if any of the properties would fit my travel plan during the offer period. I have much better things to do than staying glued to my computer waiting to see if there is anything worthy or not, once the list is released.

Some may say that not releasing the list may make it more difficult for those that are more keen to “reselling” the PointBreaks nights, although I don’t think that this will make a huge difference.

If you are planning to book any of the hotter properties, you should be online on Tuesday between 8AM to 12AM Eastern Time.