Avianca Buy LifeMiles 10% Price Increase Starting October 1, 2014


Avianca LifeMiles has their 100% purchase bonus for miles purchases going on until May 30, 2014 (read more here).

Avianca LifeMiles Price Increase Email

LifeMiles just emailed a reminder today that included information about upcoming price rise of 10% starting on October 1, 2014.

You can access LifeMiles here.

Avianca LifeMiles Price Increase

Avianca is selling LifeMiles for $30 per 1,000 miles purchased (3 cents per mile), but they run 100% purchase bonus campaigns every once in a while (1,5 cents per mile).


I wouldn’t buy LifeMiles right now unless you have use for them in the next month or two.

Avianca can change their program at a whim as they did last year with award chart changes and some readers are reporting difficult redeeming using LifeMiles at the moment (they may block partner availability).

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