Whine Wednesdays: Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen “Royal Wall Of Fame”


This was something tacky that I came across few weeks ago at the Radisson Blu Royal hotel in Copenhagen that had a “Royal Wall Of Fame” next to the elevator bank.

Whine Wednesdays Famous Guest List On The Wall U

The hotel had a name engraved for each of the most famous guest on the wall and then a leaflet for you to take.

Whine Wednesdays Famous Guest List On The Wall Leaflet High U

Do I really need to know that 50 Cent, Michael Douglas or Woody Allen had stayed at this hotel sometime in the past?

Whine Wednesdays Famous IC Amstel

I was also rolling my eyes in late April when the InterContinental Amstel had a photo of Prince Charles on a good night card.

On the other hand, the Hotel Des Indes in the Hague had a nice book of some of the most famous guests that had stayed at the hotel and it was in the guest room. I thought that this was the right way to do it.


I don’t think that a hotel that would call itself a “Royal” would have a “hall of fame” of it’s guests hanging on the wall and a leaflet for you to take.

Furthermore I couldn’t really fathom why these “famous” guests hadn’t been able to find better accommodations in Copenhagen because I didn’t think that this Radisson Blu was anything special. It was a run of the mill hotel without a soul.

I do like when a hotel does a book about its history and has some true dignitaries and famous guests featured with some background story surrounding their visit.