Sign Up For Bing Rewards By June 30 & Get 100 Free Miles (Most Affiliated Programs?) US Only

8 Comments sent out an email yesterday trying to get me sign up for the Bing Rewards for 100 free miles on most (not sure if all) programs they ( are affiliated with.

Bing Rewards 100 Free Miles

The email says that the offer is targeted but the link to Bing Rewards website suggests otherwise as there are no identifiable tracking.

You can try your luck by signing up using this link.

Bing Rewards 100 Free Miles Email

Note that this offer is available for US only.


I hate to say this but seems that Bing is so desperate to get people to do any searches that they are willing to bribe users. This reminds me of MSN Wallet in the early 2000’s when Microsoft basically paid people to use their “wallet” to pay for online purchases. The product was soon discontinued.

Bing Rewards is most definitely worth a sign up to get those 100 free miles for one program to extend the validity of miles. When I tried to sign up for this service while here in Asia using my Microsoft account it said that I was not eligible.