Compensation Clinic: Hyatt Regency Milwaukee


Compensation Clinic pays a visit to Hyatt Regency Milwaukee where yours truly have stayed at as well. A LoyaltyLobby reader had a room that had a dead fly/insect window infestation (luckily outside though).

Compensation Clinic Hyatt Regency Milwaukee

Word of warning. If you hate insects or are having your Sunday breakfast, you shouldn’t proceed with rest of the post.

You can access Hyatt Regency Milwaukee’s web site here.

Here’s copy of the email that the reader sent to Hyatt:

I recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee on May xyz (Confirmation No. withdrawn).

See attached pictures – the room I was assigned had dead insects and dead flies littered outside of the window.  This is unacceptable as this was the only window in the room.  As such, it ruined our enjoyment of the city view, as well as the stay in a dark room during the daytime.  I reported to the front desk and they informed me this is normal and could not assign me another room — this is an unacceptable response.  Please kindly look into this matter and advise.  It is not acceptable to expect a paying guest to keep the curtains closed at all times during the stay.

I look forward to your response and would like to kindly ask for the appropriate compensation made for this undesirable experience.

Here are the photos:

Compensation Clinic Hyatt Regency Milwaukee 1

Compensation Clinic Hyatt Regency Milwaukee 2

Compensation Clinic Hyatt Regency Milwaukee 3

Compensation Clinic Hyatt Regency Milwaukee 4


Hyatt Consumer Affairs had awarded 8,000 points for the inconvenience that the reader encountered.


The “view” from the window is certainly nasty and I would have kept the curtain closed as well. When I stayed at this hotel a few years ago, there was no problem with flies/insects but I believe that it was there during the winter time.

This is also a good reminder that you should take photos if you encounter situation such as this. Photos are always worth more than written words.

Now, some may say that this is outside of hotel’s control but I disagree. The hotel doesn’t seem to do window cleaning often enough.

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