Curfew Now Lifted In Bangkok As Well


The Thai military junta made an announcement the the nightly curfew from midnight until 4AM would be withdrawn immediately from areas including Bangkok that it was still in effect.

Thailand Curfew Lifted

The curfew was lifted more than a week ago from the popular tourist destinations such as Koh Samui, Phuket and Pattaya.

The Bangkok nightlife was open late as usually immediately last night after he announcement was made at 8PM local time.


Saturday last week, I actually escaped from Bangkok to Pattaya so that I could have couple of adult beverages past the midnight if I so wish.

Most of the bars started to close around midnight during the curfew but some restaurants and pretty much all the 7-11’s stayed open all night. The difference was that you had to slide the door open by yourself and they didn’t always have all the lights turned on.

I just wish that they (Thai people) would somehow find a long-term political solution that wouldn’t require an army led coup every few years.

The hotels in Bangkok have really been bleeding due to this and many chain hotels have had their occupancy rate at less than 30%.

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