Club Carlson Gold Points 75% Bonus Flash Sales June 18 – 27, 2014


Yesterday, I wrote about Club Carlson Gold Points Flash Sales that they were promoting on their Facebook page (access here).

Club Carlson Gold Points Flash Sales June 2014 Main

I was contemplating that they would have their first sale by Monday if not sooner and “the sooner” would have been the correct choice as the first sale is already going on. Club Carlson will have these flash sales going on until June 27 per the new terms and conditions released.

You can access Club Carlson’s web page for buying Gold Points here.

Unlike in 2013 when you had to make the purchase within 75 minutes from the sale announcement, they now have enabled it for entire 24 hour period. The current sale will end at 11:59AM EST on 19th of June.

You can access Club Carlson’s Facebook page here where they make announcements about the future flash sales.


You can buy maximum of 40,000 Gold Points per year and this is then bonused to 70,000. The price of the 70,000 points is $280.

Does paying $280 for 70K Gold Points make sense?

So, the price of a Gold Point purchased under this offer is 0.4 US cents. If you are planning to trip to let’s say London or Paris, the maximum price of a hotel night would be $200 for just buying the points and using them instead of cash (at the 50,000 points per night level).

You just have to note that Club Carlson doesn’t offer last room availability using points. Hotels need to make certain percentage of their rooms available using awards, but once they have hit the requirement it is up to the hotel, if they

This is even better if you have access to the Club Carlson credit card issued in the United States that comes up with 2-4-1 award night benefits (you get only charged for one night when you book two using points and this saved you 50%).


If you don’t have plan to use the points in a meaningful way, I wouldn’t buy them. Just because they are on offer at 75% bonus doesn’t necessarily make them a deal.

This can make sense, if you are planning to visit an expensive city with quality Radisson Blu hotels that have availability. I may stock up some points as I plan to visit cities where Club Carlson makes sense when you factor in the credit card award night discount.

I find it quite interesting that Club Carlson seems to be using the Daily Getaways as a teaser before their own points flash sales. They really want to push these flash sales even harder as the buying period is entire 24 hours at a time compared to just 75 minutes in 2013.

Here are he terms and conditions associated with this offer:

Gold Points purchased between June 18, 2014 and June 27, 2014 during specified 24 hour promotional time periods as announced on Club Carlson’s Facebook page and Twitter account will earn bonus points equal to 75% of the points purchased (i.e. 750 bonus points for each 1,000 points purchased). Bonus points will not be counted toward the annual 40,000 point purchase maximum. Bonus points and purchased points will be posted to the member’s Club Carlson account or the gift recipient’s Club Carlson account, as applicable, as one transaction within 2-5 days of purchase. Club Carlson reserves the right to add, modify, or discontinue the Offer without notice. Void where prohibited by law. By participating in this Offer, you agree and consent to these Terms and Conditions, the Points Purchase Terms and Conditions (except as modified above), and the Club Carlson Terms and Conditions.

Price includes all applicable fees. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents. Gold Points purchased using this option are non-refundable and will post within 2 to 5 days. All Purchase Terms and Conditions and all standard Club Carlson Program terms and conditions apply to your purchase and use of Gold Points.

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  1. I think this is not a bad deal at all – as usual with Carlsson, you get the best bang for the buck on the low-end and on the high-end of the reward chart.


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