Whine Wednesdays: Club Lounge PDA? How Much Is Too Much?


Hotel lounges are often a social environment for guests to wind down after a long day or business, catch-up with an old friend or share a glass a wine with your partner.

Whine Wednesday Club Lounge PDA

While there seems to be clear cut policies, though generally laxly enforced regarding dress code and age of guests, where do you draw the line between appropriate/non-appropriate public display of affection (PDA) in a hotel club lounge?

While I consider myself quite liberal, I think a kiss on the cheek or holding hands is fine for me. If someone however, prefers to engage in more amorous activities such as French kisses in the club lounge like the couple above, I would think it would be more appropriate for the lovebirds to go back to their room/suite.

Whether it is guy and girl, guy and guy or girl and girl, I could care less… while a little alcohol might be to blame, guests should take it upon themselves to respect the other occupants and atmosphere of the lounge


It is not uncommon to sometimes see “paid” talent in the club lounges especially in Bangkok. Usually, it is an older white guy with one or two local female companions.

My only wish would be that the ladies would dress more appropriately and the guys would keep their hands off until they are back to their rooms. If this type of behavior was engaged in places like Dubai, you can be certain the patrons would be asked politely to leave.

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