Compensation Clinic: InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong


Compensation Clinic pays a visit to the other InterContinental (Grand Stanford) hotel in Hong Kong where yours truly has stayed several times in the past few months.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong

I had few hiccups on the first couple of stays but it has been a smooth sailing ever since until the stay last week.

You can access InterContinental Grand Standford Hong Kong website here.

I hadn’t made a hotel booking for Hong Kong before arrival and did it while on the airport express train to Kowloon from where I took the hotel shuttle (it will be a taxi next time as the GS is the last stop on the shuttle’s route).

I went to the club lounge and was informed that they were working on the top two floors during the day time and they would place me to the 5th floor to ensure a noise free stay. There was also a note in the room that there were renovations done during the daytime on the top two floors until the end of July or could have been August.

My body clock was in some other time zone and I ended up typing away until 8AM and then tried to catch some sleep, a simple task that turned out to be impossible.

There was endless jack-hammering and drilling. It was hard to believe that the work was being done more than ten floors up from where I was.

So, there went my sleep. I later heard a guest complaining to his colleague that he couldn’t take the planned nap in the afternoon due to the noise coming from the construction.

There wasn’t and still isn’t any note on InterContinental Grand Stanford’s website warning guests that book there is construction going on at the property, nor to the extent of such construction that would make it impossible to have a nap or sleep without ear plugs during the daytime anywhere in the hotel.

After I had already checked out, I requested to speak with the manager regarding the issue. I told him that under usual circumstances I would request them to waive the entire room charge as I was not able to use the room as planned to sleep and because there were no warnings on their own website regarding the construction that was going on, but I would prefer getting some IHG Rewards Club points instead.

The manager said that he would need to consult someone else and came back offering 15,000 points that I pointed out to be less than one third required to reserve an award room. I requested 25,000 points instead and that was granted and the points issued to my account immediately.


This all boils down to the customer expectations. People often sleep and nap during the daytime hours at the hotels due to travel. There should be warning on the hotel’s website IF there is construction going on that will result constant jack hammering and drilling noise at any time of the day or night.

I didn’t say anything to the other guest that was complaining about the same issue, but you have to raise these issues with the management and request compensation. There is absolutely no excuse for the management to not put up a notice on their website about the ongoing construction that will cause noise pollution.

I probably could have pushed them harder for more IHG Rewards Club points, but I do like this hotel (very good Royal Ambassador treatment) and plan to return several times before the end of this year already.

If you are infrequent traveler or planning a special getaway, it might be advisable to check recent reviews of the hotel on TripAdvisor. Even if there is no notice on the hotel’s official website, any construction and it’s extent will definitely pop up in recent reviews of the hotel.

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