IHG Rewards Club Summer 2014 Stay-Bonus Tracking


IHG Rewards Club released number of targeted Stay-bonus offers on May 2 (read more here).

IHG Rewards Club Summer 2014 Stay Bonus Tracking

These Stay-bonus offers have usually tracked just fine on “My Offer Status” but not this time. There is no mention of them at all.

You can access “My Offer Status” on IHG’s website here.

IHG Rewards Club Summer 2014 Stay Bonus Tracking Details

IHG is, however, tracking these and sending out emails how close you are reaching the selected goal. I just received an email that I would be 3 nights short of the 7 that would yield 10,000 bonus points.


In retrospect, I probably should have signed up for the 15 nights offer for 15,000 bonus points. Good to know that IHG is tracking and posting these points.

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