Reader Question: Buying Hilton HHonors Gold Status From eBay?


A LoyaltyLobby reader emailed me a question earlier this week, whether buying Hilton HHonors Gold status from eBay would be a good idea and how long it would take to go into effect?

Hilton HHonors Gold eBay

Well. This is probably not the intended method by Hilton for someone to get their midtier status that is actually a worthwhile one.

You can access Hilton’s web page for Gold benefits here. I am not linking the eBay pages on purpose.You can just go to eBay and search for “Hilton HHonors Gold”.

There are several fast track offers that require four stays within 90 days (access HP on here) and instant Gold for certain business school grads (read more here). Then there are credit cards that grant the holder the Gold and MilePoint was selling packages last year that came with Hilton Gold.

Now back to the original question. I decided to go ahead and spend $30 for Hilton Gold status that would be valid until March 2017. I paid the transaction and sent a message to the seller with the account number and PIN that they require for the account upgrade.

Hilton HHonors Gold eBay Email Confirmation

Three and a half hours later I received the email above from Hilton thanking me for my time on the road and reminding to use the status my way.

The eBay seller’s email address was from a Chinese ISP. Considering that they have 2017 and 2021 statuses for sale, I would imagine that they have access to some business school email addresses that they use to upgrade these accounts. Other option would be that someone is paying for a Hilton employee to upgrade these accounts by using one of the promo codes.


If you decide to go ahead and purchase the Gold from an eBay seller, make sure that you use a credit card to pay for the transaction just in case that Hilton later decides to downgrade the accounts. Also, remember to change your account PIN number immediately.

I have purchased a lot from eBay over the years and I don’t think that this is any “grayer” than applying for one of those other targeted instant status promo codes that number of programs have offered.

Just don’t be surprised if you find your account downgraded back to your original status. I cannot believe that Hilton would allow this to continue for too long. Maybe they leave those upgraded accounts intact?

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