Compensation Clinic: The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a copy of email that he had sent to the Starwood’s corporate customer care after unsatisfactory stay at the Great Wall Sheraton hotel in Beijing.

Compensation Clinic Sheraton Great Wall

As I have had my own troubles with western hotels in China, I can relate to the reader’s issues.

You can access the Great Wall Sheraton’s website here.

Here’s copy of the email that the reader sent to SPG:

Dear sir/madam, this email is related to my stay at the Sheraton Great Wall in Beijing. During my stay I experienced multiple issues that are diverting from any brand standard which is in place for Starwood and specifically full service Sheraton Hotels worldwide.

I received my first room and after check-in tried to connect to the internet which however was not possible. A password was required and during 4 phonecalls it was not possible to receive it. The sign on the desk where it was supposed to be affixed was missing. Then an employee brought up a message written on an old, used piece of paper with an incorrect password. After one of the managers provided the correct password the computer as well as my mobile device were still not able to make a connection. I had to change the room in order to finally get to work.

The new room allowed a connection to the hotels router however logging in resulted in an error message. After additional 45 Minutes the management staff realized they did not switch my information in the system to the new room. At that point 2:25h had passed just to receive internet connection.

In the late evening I was about to leave the hotel and noticed my passport was not in place. I looked everywhere in my room for roughly an hour after which I called the Manager on Duty to inquire. It turned out the passport was left behind in the previous room I had to change from and has been found 11 hours earlier, yet nobody informed me about it.

The Duty Manager assured someone tried to call my room in regards to it. I’m sorry but if you find somebodies PASSPORT you leave him a written message about it in the room or under the door, maybe even at the executive lounge.

To casually try and give someone a call in case of a found passport is the most unacceptable and ridiculous thing I have encountered so far as a guest of any hotel. Of course leaving messages at the executive lounge desk has no point because at this hotel nobody checks on the guests entering the lounge and considering there is no lift security everyone can use that facility at their own convenience. I would like that Starwood takes action in the aforementioned matters and conducts a property audit through the regional management.

The hotel has also used Dynamic Currency Conversion scam without the guest’s approval that seems to be the modus operandi at Chinese hotels.


The hotel had agreed to refund the Cash portion of the Cash + Points that would be $35 + tax.


The internet connectivity is often very problematic at not so well run hotels in China. Also, the employee training of solving issues leaves lot to be desired.

Glad that the reader was able to find an amicable solution after contacting Starwood.

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