Hotel “High” (None) Speed Internet Case: DoubleTree Jakarta Diponegoro


Hilton family hasn’t had a hotel in Jakarta for a while after Hilton was reflagged as Sultan, but both Conrad and Waldorf-Astoria are in the works for 2016 or 2017.

Hotel High Speed Internet Issues

DoubleTree Jakarta Diponegoro was opened after my previous trip to Jakarta in February and decided to check it out.

You can access DoubleTree Jakarta Diponegoro’s website here.

And here the rant starts. How on earth a newly build hotel can offer a “high” speed internet access that is capped at 0.5 MBPS? The connection itself is good because the ping to a local server is only 4 milliseconds.

The hotel has simply decided to offer this substandard service to its Gold and Diamond members. I have no idea what is the speed of the paid internet. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find out that it would be minimum of 2 MBPS.

I decided to page a manager and let him/her know that the bandwidth was in adequate even for simply tasks such as using Google Maps. When I came back from a dinner, there was a note waiting with a sign-in code for 4 MBPS access.


It is hard to believe that the DoubleTree brand standard for high speed internet access for Gold and Diamond members would allow 0.5 MBPS connections. As a matter of fact, I tweeted Hilton to find out what the minimum for DoubleTree brand is.

Tethering on the cell network is not really an option in Jakarta due to inadequate network data capacity.

I just hope that the hoteliers would get that they absolutely must offer adequate internet connectivity or otherwise they will lose business.

My usual hotel here in Jakarta is the InterContinental that has upped their internet to 10 MBPS and I got close to 50 MBPS at one point earlier this past week. I have no problems with the speed at JW Marriott or Grand Hyatt here in Jakarta either.

So, if a hotel that you are staying at is offering inadequate bandwidth, just speak with the MOD (Manager on Duty). They can certainly raise the limit for your connection. Also, remember to mention the inadequate bandwidth on post stay surveys and possible reviews that you may leave.

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