UPDATE: AirFastTickets IATA Default (UK, Germany & Greece)


On June 23rd (access here), I wrote about IATA’s decision to put AirFastTickets UK, Germany and Greece operations on default due to unpaid settlement bills. The agency cannot directly issue tickets on behalf of airlines that use BSP to clear payments.

AirfastTickets BBC

AirFastTickets claims that it doesn’t own anything to suppliers and is ending its IATA association on July.

You can read more about these recent developments on BBC’s website here and on TravelWeekly here.

AirFastTickets Facebook page (access here) is full of complaints from customers that have booked airline tickets with the company, have paid for them using credit cards and a day or two later have found out that the airline or someone else has canceled them.

AirfastTickets FB 1

AirfastTickets FB 2

AirfastTickets FB 3

AirfastTickets FB 4


It is weird that the agent’s web page is still happily selling tickets, although not for all the airlines. I would stay clear from this company until they settle the billing issues with IATA and are able to issue tickets again.

Seems that the company is taking the money and “issuing” tickets that are then canceled a day later. Let’s hope that people are using their credit cards for these payments so that they can dispute the non-delivery of services.

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