Roaming Charges Within EU Slashed From July 1 Onward (Both Voice & Data)


European Union has been slashing the roaming charges within the Union and the new maximum tariffs took effect today (July 1, 2014).

Mobile Roaming European Union July 1 2014

The European Union is aiming at abolishing roaming charges altogether for mobile users by the end of next year, but these new rules have not been confirmed yet.

You can read more about this on Financial Times website here and on the European Union website here.

Here is more from FT:

Travellers to the continent will see a drop in the cost of their mobile phone bills under EU regulations coming into force this week.

Business travellers and holidaymakers often return home to find they have amassed unexpectedly large costs from using their phones abroad. This is one of the most common complaints against the mobile phone industry.

From Tuesday, European mobile users will see a cut in the cost of using mobile data in particular, with charges falling by up to 55 per cent for internet use, while calls and texts will also be at least a fifth cheaper.

The European Commission has been gradually enforcing reductions in the cost of using mobile phones around the region over the past seven years, with an ambition to remove costs across the union by the end of 2015.

Here are some examples from European Union:

Mobile Roaming European Union July 1 2014 Example

Here’s the comparison chart between the maximum old and new roaming charges:

Mobile Roaming European Union July 1 2014 Table

Here’s copy of the press release from the EU:

Download (PDF, 200KB)


I would truly welcome this common telecommunications area for the entire Europe. I hate dealing with prepaid SIM cards, whenever I am in a country that doesn’t have reasonable roaming agreement with one of the Finnish telco operators whose sim cards I carry.

Whenever I am in the Baltic or in the Nordic countries, I use my Sonera SIM that doesn’t charge any extra for calls and data within this area when roaming.

It is usually a national sport to complain about EU regulations but this is certainly one of the good ones that will benefit consumers. The telcos have not been willing to lower these charges without the push from the EU.

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