Whine Wednesdays: Video Calls In The Lounges (Facetime & Skype)?


Technology today allows all of us to be connected close to 100% of the time and more people are using Facetime, Skype and other similar video applications to conduct calls.

Whine Wednesdays Facetime HI BKK

It seems, however, that some people have lost their sense what is appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior in public places such as hotel club lounges.

Whine Wednesdays Facetime

It never ceases to amaze me that these folks using Facetime are not equipped with simple earphones with microphone that would allow them to hear the other party clearer and would probably help the other side of the conversation as well.

Often the connection doesn’t seem to be perfect and people are just rising their voices making the situation even worse. It borders on amusing when an individual 5 tables over is talking more loudly than the person seated across or beside me.

Perhaps one of these times if the individual is rather obnoxious rather than politely speak to them I should just “join in” on their conversation. I’ve seen a series of YouTube such as this one where the prankster “crashes” people’s calls.

Further to reinforce this point is that with the advent of front and rear cameras on phones and tablets, you never know whether the user is using the back camera to film others in the lounge. In the interest of fair disclosure I did take these photos, only for illustrative purposes.


When I get a phone or Skype call, I try to leave the lounge to keep the conversation private. I don’t want other people to hear what is going on with my life and I believe that it is decent thing to do.

I really hope that lounges would better communicate not only the dress code but code for using these devices as well.

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