Hyatt Gold Passport Introduces “My Hyatt Concierge” Service


All the hotels chains are trying to find a better way to handle their most valued guests to build more than a transactional relationship. Starwood introduced their Ambassadors program a few years ago and yours truly was part of it for a year.

Hyatt Gold Passport My Hyatt Concierge

Now, Hyatt is following Starwood’s foot steps by introducing “My Hyatt Concierge” service for select guests. Hyatt has had Private Line agents already for a while, but seems that these “concierges” are supposed to do a bit more.

There is no web page on for this concierge initiative.

Here’s copy of the email that Hyatt emailed yesterday to select guests:

Hyatt Gold Passport My Hyatt Concierge Email Body


Getting concierge service right is difficult as it requires more than merely having warm bodies answering the incoming phone calls and emails. They really need to know their field and companies are rarely willing to pay enough to attract qualified talent.

Starwood’s Ambassador service has been a partial or total disaster depending with whom you discuss about it. Some members are dealing with more qualified agents than others.

Let’s hope that Hyatt gets this right and is able to provide more personal service to their most valued guests.