Whine Wednesdays: (Unwanted) Advertising Emails From Hotels


It seems that more and more hotels have found out that emailing their former guests is a good way of generating more business, but this is starting to get out of hand.

Whine Wednesdays Property Emails

Do I really want to receive weekly or monthly emails from all the hotels that I have visited over the years?

I have nothing against receiving email communication from businesses including hotels that I have opted in. For example, say I opt-in to receive communication from Starwood Preferred Guest, this permission by no means extends to every SPG property that I have visited.

One of the Club Carlson properties in Bangkok leaked my email address to their sister property that is not even affiliated with Carlson hotels. Typically these e-mails have zero relevance to most hotel guests, as they feature some inflated package price for something like a “Weekend Romantic Getaway”.


Email is the most efficient way of communication for me. I can decide to read it when and where I want. I have, however, lost the control of my email inbox and really don’t want to receive communication from hotels where I have stayed once or twice.

It seems that resort properties are especially guilty of sending these emails than business or city hotels. I would just hope that they first would ask permission to do so at time of check-in or check-out.