UPDATE: Get 1,000 Free Airberlin Topbonus Miles For Registering With Sixt (Points Posting!)


Last week, I wrote (access here) about Airberlin offer for 1,000 free Topbonus miles merely registering with Sixt. Getting these miles don’t require any renting activity.

Sixt Airberlin Topbonus 1,000 Bonus Miles Email Confirmation

I can now confirm that the miles posted just fine to my Airberlin account and received the email above from Sixt about it.

Sixt Airberlin Topbonus 1,000 Bonus Miles

The miles posted four days after registering for the offer.


This is truly an easy way to get 1,000 free Airberlin Topbonus miles. There are quite a few promotions over the year for easy Topbonus miles for partner activity.

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