Garuda Indonesia GarudaMiles TripAdvisor Promo: Get 150 Miles For Every Three Reviews

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Garuda Indonesia’s GarudaMiles members can earn 150 miles for every three reviews in a calendar month that are written in Bahasa.

Garuda Indonesia GarudaMiles TripAdvisor Indonesia Offer

Note that at least one of the three reviews must be for a hotel to qualify for the points.

You can access TripAdvisor’s web page for this offer here.

You can earn maximum of 600 miles per calendar month from this offer.


Reviews in Bahasa must be thin on TripAdvisor’s website for Indonesia. Why would they otherwise dole out miles for reviews?

I wouldn’t write reviews to get meager 150 miles for every three approved, but this could be a way to top up an account that is short some miles for an award.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer (Google translate translation from Bahasa):

  • Reviews are violate the Terms and Conditions TripAdvisor deemed ineligible to Participate in the program.In addition, this program will only Consider reviews written in Indonesian.
  • The program is limited to members of loyalty programs and TripAdvisor GarudaMiles valid.
  • During the duration of the program (ie, from 1 March 2014 to 28 February 2015) every three (3) reviews are published on the TripAdvisor site will be given a reward of 150 GarudaMiles, with a note:
    • at least one (1) of three (3) review is a review about the hotel,
    • all reviews must be written in Indonesian, and
    • The third review to be published in the same calendar month.
  • Each member GarudaMiles with a unique membership number can collect up to 600 GarudaMiles each month through participation in the program in question.
  • GarudaMiles Obtained through participation in this program can not be redeemed for cash or transferred ownership as a form of reward to other members.
  • GarudaMiles name and membership number must be correct and match. If the given name and membership number does not match, reward points will not be awarded.
  • Forbidden to use more than one account or GarudaMiles TripAdvisor to combine reward points.
  • If there is suspicion of fraud or false registration, GarudaMiles points can not be credited.
  • TripAdvisor will handle personal information in accordance with the privacy policy.
  • Reviews that have been posted before the program begins will not be included in this program.
  • Points will be credited GarudaMiles above reviews are posted within one calendar month, or 30 days after the end of the month.
  • Reviews are posted without registering in advance on the registration page will be included in the calculation of reward points GarudaMiles.
  • A qualified review includes the review of the hotel, Attractions and restaurants written in Indonesian.Review of the tourist destinations are not included in this program.
  • The contents of the program may change or be discontinued at any time without prior notice.
  • If you have any other questions, please visit form General Support , then please select “Bids / promotion” in the section “How can we help you?”. Our customer service will contact you shortly.
  • TripAdvisor Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Terms and Conditions apply GarudaMiles.

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