Compensation Clinic: Canceled AA LGA-YYZ Flight


Friend of mine was scheduled to fly from New York to Toronto on 14th of this month on an AA flight 3696 that was canceled due to weather. American Airlines had automatically rebooked him on a flight the following day.

Compensation Clinic American Airlines Cancelled Flight

When I was searching for available flights, there were no cancellations by Air Canada besides one flight that may indicate that the real reason for the AA cancellation might have been something else.

Here’s what he wrote to the American Airlines:

Used the contact us form on and wrote a brief and to the point message outlining the following facts:

AA 3696 8:40pm LGA-YYZ Monday July 14th cancelled (my flight)
AC 727  8:40pm and WS 1217 at 7:50pm both also YYZ->LGA on Monday were NOT cancelled.

Spent significant amount of time on the phone with AA trying to rebook the same day on another flight but was unable to.
Best they could do was rebook on a flight the next day.
As a result had to pay almost $200 for a hotel for the night and missed a day of work.
Requested compensation in AA miles but not specify an amount.
Received 10K miles and was happy with the result and impressed with the very quick response time.
Response received in less than 30 minutes and miles were credited immediately

Here’s the response from AA Customer Relations:

Thank you for contacting us. Please accept our apology for the difficulties you encountered when you traveled with us. From your description of what happened it certainly sounds as if the entire experience was frustrating. We are truly sorry to hear we didn’t provide the level of service you expect and deserve.

We wish we had it in our power to guarantee that planes would always arrive on time and that delays and cancellations just wouldn’t happen. Unhappily, we don’t — but what we can and should do is make every attempt to minimize the inconvenience for our customers whenever we do encounter operational problems. We are disappointed that we didn’t do a better job of making the situation a little less trying.

Because we’d like to encourage you to fly with us again soon, we have credited 10,000 bonus miles to your AAdvantage account. You can see this activity via (you must log in with your account number).

Sir, we value you as a customer and are eager to restore your confidence. Please give us another opportunity to serve you — we know your time is valuable and we’ll do our very best to get you to your destination as planned.


When a full service airline cancels a flight they tend to rebook you automatically only on their own metal, but nothing prevents them from booking you for any other airline besides some discount airlines such as Southwest.

I just hate when the airlines throws the “weather” card and tries to claim that they are then not required to move you to other carrier.

Best thing is to have an access to a service that allows you to check real time flight availability across multiple airlines and then ask the agent to move you to a flight that you specifically request. I have done this numerous times.

Have the say that the turnaround time for AA’s Customer Relations seems to be excellent and friend of mine was satisfied with the outcome.

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