Whine Wednesday: Changing TV Channels In A Club Lounge Without Asking Permission First


It never ceases to amaze me how some people behave at hotel club lounges. The following happened at the JW Marriott in Jakarta the other week.

Whine Wednesdays Club Lounge Remote Wars

I had been in the club lounge for few hours and the closest TV had the CNN on that I consider being the TV news channel of choice at places such as this. Note that the photo above was not taken in this instance, but rather illustrates the setup.

This older American fella gent took the remote and switched the channel to FOX News, that I prefer calling Faux News and just cannot stand.

I told the guy that it is impolite to switch the channel without asking other people first that had been there before him and that I would be fine if he chooses BBC World News, Bloomberg, CNBC, Aljazeera English or any other international NEWS channel.

He said that those others are not news channels and that he prefers FOX.

FOX News for me is is nothing else than dumb talking heads splitting out Republican propaganda and not an appropriate channel to have on in a club lounge outside of some red states in the US.


So, if you want to switch the TV channel, just ask the people around first. I find it highly inappropriate just switching it if there are others nearby.

Sorry that I am a bit harsh here, but it never ceases to amaze me that some really consider FOX News a news channel. I probably should have just taken the remote and switch the channel to Aljazeera Arabic to see what would have happened, but I didn’t.

So, if you are at the JW Marriott Jakarta, make sure that you hold on to that remote. I have seen this same guy there on my previous trips, so it is likely that he continues to do this.

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