IHG Rewards Club Ambassador Accelerator Still Continuing To Reward Points?


IHG Rewards Club revamped the number of points earned at InterContinental hotels outside of the Americans starting on July 1st, 2014, and supposedly discontinued the Ambassador accelerator bonus at the same time.

IHG Rewards Club Ambassador Accelerator

There has been no communication from IHG Rewards Club regarding the discontinuance of the Ambassador Accelerator that used to pay 20,000 bonus points for every 15 qualifying nights.

You can access InterContinental Ambassador web page here.

IHG Rewards Club Ambassador Accelerator Posting

Now, however, I had had two readers contacting me in the past day confirming that the Ambassador Accelerator had still paid them 20,000 points. It only shows as “Other” on the online statement. It is unclear if it only pays until you hit the next 15 nights or if it continues to pay out after that as well.


Now we know that there is no need for IHG to prorate the Ambassador Accelerator if it continues to pay until you reach the next 20,000 points pay out. Let’s see if it continues to pay after that, although I doubt it.

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