Whine Wednesdays: How Many Carry-Ons Are Too Many?


When I was boarding a flight from IQQ (Iquique) to LPB (La Paz), I came across this passenger that was seemingly carrying all his earthly possessions with him to the plane.

Whine Wednesdays How Many Carry Ons

I am not sure how many plastic bags he had altogether, but I believe that it was around 6 + his winter jacket of course.

Whine Wednesdays How Many Carry Ons Allowance

The LAN’s hand luggage allowance is basically two pieces in economy and maximum of 8 kilos.


My hunch is that this guy was way over his checked luggage allowance and decided to carry the extras on board rather than paying for the excess weight. I am still no sure how they allowed him to board with all this junk.